My high beverage sales really help to keep my labor cost down.

A busy employee is a happy employee. If that busy employee is a server or bartender, they’re also very highly rewarded in tips.

….in this economy, we can afford to go easy on our food prices because they are partially subsidized by high beverage volume and low beverage cost.

I have a lower cost of sales on beverage and I don’t need a kitchen-full of expensive staff to serve it!

Keeping my alcohol sales comparable to my food sales will always give me a profitability edge.

Getting the mix of food and drink right is critical. I don’t know how restaurants with high food sales and low alcohol sales survive.

As I see it, many restaurants do not provide an ambiance that encourages a more relaxed response from the guest to alcohol. Two drinks rather than one is not irresponsible service or consumption but it makes the guest happy and it increases my guest check by at least 10%. Win, win.

Irish pubs still live up to their “Publican” roots. It gives people a place to meet, socialize and converse. It’s a place of friendliness and comfort. Sometimes that is what people need when times are tough.

An Irish Pub’s strength has always been taking care of people - giving them a rest from the world.

Here at our pub we have a wide range of demographics. As a restaurant we experience everything from families with children, teenagers, couples of all ages, groups of friends of all ages, and elderly. As a bar we also see wide demographics early 20s to seniors; roughly between the ages of 25 to 40 on average. However, it tends to get younger as the night moves on towards morning. Our customer base is mostly of professional type occupational classifications but we do have our share of blue collar also. Our customers often comment that everyone feels welcomed here and like the mix. Other bars are known to be either a young bar or an older bar, college bar, etc.

People will travel for an Irish Pub. We have people who drive distances more than an hour away to visit our pub. First there is the Irish history and culture that is intriguing and fun; with the music, the ambiance, Irish fare, pub grub, and imported spirits highlighted by Guinness creates an eating and drinking establishment into a place of entertainment and comfort. An Irish pub done right gives people a place to escape their normal daily routine and stresses.

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