The following are some questions you made need answered in order to make your vision a reality.

What are the Criteria for a Successful Irish Pub?

Through the twenty-two years of the Irish Pub Concept, the same criteria for success recur time after time:

Authentic Design

It is essential to find a designer who specializes in pubs and understands the subtle elements that make them feel 100 years old while at the same time seem coolly contemporary. Pubs are not about straight lines or ‘clean’design, they are an eclectic amalgam of textures, colors, shapes and light, very carefully put together to provide a uniquely warm ambiance. To achieve the right result, you need someone who completely understands the elements that make an Irish Pub authentic and special. Therefore, finding the right designer and seeing their previous pub work is essential to your future success. Our Partners page will direct you to vendors who have been delivering authentic, on-budget, on-time pubs for over twenty years.

Irish Food & Irish Recipes

Your menu needs to be integrated with local and regional dishes, but at it’s heart, it needs to be Irish. It’s not enough to put together a menu of North American sandwiches and give them cute Irish names. Where possible, your food should be locally sourced, prepared with the freshest possible ingredients and made from scratch in-house. Then great care must be taken so that the presentation of the food matches the quality of the cooking. An Irish Pub is all about delighting the guest unexpectedly, it’s about under-promising and over-delivering, every time.

Premium Irish Beverages

At the core of every successful Irish Pub lies the Perfect Pint of Guinness. Not just because it’s an icon of Ireland and an instantly recognizable brand, although these are certainly qualities that are very important, Guinness means a whole lot more to the Irish Pub Concept. Pouring perfect Guinness is a metaphor for your Irish Pub’s attention to quality in everything from food and beverages through to comfort, cleanliness and customer service. It’s a way of informing guests that everything you do is given as much attention as a perfectly-poured and presented Guinness. Finally, because it is a premium product which attracts a premium consumer, it commands a premium price and therefore a strong bottom line.

Irish Entertainment

Irish Pubs are synonymous with good music and not just Irish music or Irish artists. It should always be there, sometimes live, sometimes just acoustic, sometimes just background and it should never intrude on the mood of your guest.Your music program needs to be carefully planned and always with the demographic you want to entertain in mind. What’s acceptable at 11PM on a Saturday night for a group of college friends may not be suitable at 9PM for families finishing a leisurely dinner and vice versa.

Empowered Employees

You have recruited and trained your employees with the purpose of having them execute your philosophy of hospitality and foodservice. Now you are setting them free to be themselves and do whatever’s needed to make every guest a loyal regular. They are your trusted, front-line ambassadors for your brand and you will encourage them every day to be the best at what they do.

What are the First Steps Toward Developing My Pub

Your first steps will be as follows:

  1. Consult with a Diageo Guinness expert who will point you in the right direction
  2. Research real estate in your area and start to identify suitable locations for the pub
  3. Research the local restaurant scene and understand how they are doing
  4. Create a comprehensive business plan and financial estimate that is adaptable for different locations
  5. Identify the cost of renovation and assess how much money you will need to get it done
  6. Identify the site you want and start negotiating with the landlord

Owner Insights
Irish pubs still live up to their “Publican” roots. It gives people a place to meet, socialize and converse.
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Pub Facts

Some of the most unusual places to find one or more Irish Pubs are Baku in Azerbaijan, Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia, Gili Trawangan in Indonesia and Ushuaia in the most southerly tip of Tierra del Fuego.

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