The following are the main types of real estate you will be looking at for your pub:


Many Irish Pubs do well in this environment, typically between 1,500sf and 3,000sf. Typically, this real estate will be older, even heritage, and is often quirky or oddly laid out, not necessarily a bad thing for an Irish Pub. This type of location is usually high traffic, with both lunch and dinner footfall and may even attract solid late night business if situated near an entertainment area. Another positive advantage in this type of location is that it is more likely to receive consistent business throughout the week rather than spiking heavily at weekends.

Pro:  High footfall, heritage shop front, consistent business, highly-visible

Con:     Older infrastructure, restricted space, local code compliance, parking

Suburban Freestanding

These are generally larger-sized properties of between 4,000sf and 6000sf, usually with ample adjacent parking and probably clustered with other dining establishments. There are many good examples of Irish Pubs doing well in this environment. However, great care must be taken in the interior and exterior design to ensure the right ‘feel’ and authenticity is created. Also, it is worth observing that pubs in this environment tend to rely on volume business at weekends to supplement quieter earlier weekdays.

Pro:     Good parking, clustered with other restaurants, volume business at weekends

Con:     Rent psf vs. Yield psf, possible loss of ‘coziness’, capital cost of renovation

Mall End-Cap or Inline

So called because they straddle the corners of the center of malls and strip-malls, these usually range between 2,500sf and 4,000sf. Care has to be taken with exterior design and the style of adjoining retail stores to ensure consumers do not confuse it with a bar or tavern.

Pro:     Good parking,  reasonable rents, other retail attractions nearby

Con:     May be misinterpreted as a bar or tavern, visibility can be poor

Owner Insights
A busy employee is a happy employee. If that busy employee is a server or bartender, they’re also very highly rewarded in tips.
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Pub Facts

Some of the most unusual places to find one or more Irish Pubs are Baku in Azerbaijan, Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia, Gili Trawangan in Indonesia and Ushuaia in the most southerly tip of Tierra del Fuego.

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