In the next few sections, we will try to help you form a comprehensive branding and marketing strategy for your Irish Pub.

Branding and marketing your pub is more about common sense than anything else is. It’s also lots of fun, challenging that creativity of yours and creating a great feeling of achievement when seeing your project make you money.

The first place to start when branding your pub is in choosing a name and in the next section we offer you some advice in how you might go about it. Often, there may be a family name or a place name that has sentimental value for you, but you should at all times try to match the name with the kind of place you are building and the type of demographic you are aiming to serve.


Marketing is not rocket science nor is it the exclusive preserve of professional marketers. Marketing is recognizing the arena in which you conduct your business and knowing how to reach the people who will like this arena.

Marketing your pub is not about spending a king’s ransom on magazine advertising or radio commercials. Marketing your pub is more about sponsoring the local soccer/hockey team shirts, supporting local community activities and leveraging your social media.

The best possible marketing for your pub is the development of any initiatives that positively reinforce the responsible sale of alcohol. Therefore, you will probably stay away from involvement with any promotion that involves driving, schools, and children.

In 2013, most of your audience’s first contact with you will be either through your social media presence or through your website. A separate page on this website is devoted to how you should manage your online presence and online marketing.

Owner Insights
….in this economy, we can afford to go easy on our meal prices because they are partially subsidized by high beverage volume and low beverage cost.
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Pub Facts

Every Irish Pub in the world….no matter where it is…. that pours Guinness draft, receives its Guinness directly from where its brewed in St. James Gate, Dublin, Ireland.

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