Rule # 1: Become immersed in local community activity

Your core business will always be local so apply 50% of your marketing activities to your local community organizations (charitable, sporting, social, religious, hobbyist etc). Building solid relationships with these groups will be the bedrock of your successful business.

Rule # 2: Avoid promotions that offer discounts in your pub

Always try to give ‘added-value’. For example, do not offer ‘2 for 1’ entrees. Instead, offer a free dessert with the purchase of two entrees. The consumer views discount as cheap while added-value is viewed as premium.

Rule # 3: Do not carry out any marketing activity unless:

  1. You know how much it will cost
  2. You can validate whether it worked

For example, if you advertise an added-value meal deal in the local newspaper, insist that the deal will only be provided on presentation of the ad. This way, you can estimate the return on the ad investment.

Rule # 4: Avoid ‘one nighters’ unless associated with special occasions

‘One-night’ promotions are costly and risky as they need to be heavily advertised in advance and will only reward customers who turn up on the night. Promotions in support of St. Patrick’s Day, etc. should always be carried out to encourage visits in the week leading up to the day.

Rule # 5: Always try to share the cost of promotion and advertising

If designing a promotion, try to connect with other local businesses who might be interested in offering prizing or services in return for advertising. For example, you might have a summer ‘win a family barbecue’ promotion where supermarket might supply a coupon for BBQ food.

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People will travel for an Irish Pub. We have people who drive distances more than an hour away to visit our pub.
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Bill Barich. American author, on being asked: "how come you can find an “Irish pub” in any city in the world?", replied: "They’re tremendous money-makers. There’s this whole concept of the Irish pub, anywhere you go in the world, you find one."

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