Your main sources of revenue will be through the sale of food and beverages within the confines of your pub and patio, if you have one. These are at the core of your successful pub and should always be given priority in how you manage and how you apply resources. However, there are other sources of revenue that you can look at, both as ongoing and regular or as sporadic and occasional. The following is a list of some that you might want to look at:


Selling branded pieces of merchandise such as ball caps, t-shirts or mugs can work quite well as long as you have space to store and present them. The downside can be that you have to carry inventory which ties up money.

Private Functions

These are a very lucrative business and because they are pre-planned, tend to be very cost-effective. It does take some time and good marketing to get it going, but if you have a space or can adapt a space for this use, it can help drive a powerful improvement to both your top line and bottom line.


Subject to your local public health laws regarding transport and storage of food, you can offer to cater external weddings, birthday parties, fairs etc. It’s a low cost exercise, often very rewarding and can provide variety for your employees.

 Takeout and Delivery

These day you are competing with fast-food, fast casual and even food trucks for business at certain times of the day. Is there a way for you to provide a sandwich service to offices in your area? Is there a way for you to use a barbecue on your patio to sell food to passers-by? Any incremental sale offsets the fixed cost in your business such as rent, management or kitchen cost.

Owner Insights
Getting the mix of food and drink right is critical. I don’t know how restaurants with high food sales and low alcohol sales survive.
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Pub Facts

Most restaurant businesses have a food to beverage ratio of 75% to 25%. In Irish Pubs the ratio is usually closer to 50%/50%, making them significantly more profitable as a result of lower labor and product costs.

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