End Professionally

Let the candidate know what is going on. Did they get the job, will you be calling them back, or should they call you? Remember an applicant is a potential guest.

To Facilitate the Interview Process

At the end of this section you will find a form that will facilitate a professional finish to the interview. Aside from including the applicant’s essential information (name, telephone number, etc.) the form is used to standardize observations in specific key areas.  You will be asked to assess applicants looking for the following attributes: appearance, personality, motivation, energy, pressure handling, honesty, positive attitude, stability, intelligence, and flexibility.  The use of a standardized form greatly benefits the two-interview process. Each interviewer will conduct their sessions looking for the same hiring qualities using the same rating system.

Checking Employee References

Prospective staff should be asked to supply three or four references, people who can testify directly about their abilities, character, and work ethic.  If after the initial interview the applicant seems like a contender, take the time to contact the person’s references.  Failing to do so may expose you to charges of negligence at a later date.  Contact references in the reverse order the prospective employee list them on the application. People will typically list references in the order they want them contacted.

Ask the reference if he or she would mind verifying some information that the applicant has provided.  Results of the telephone check must be listed and kept with the application and interview notes.

  • Did you employ him/her?
  • How long did he/she work for you?
  • What did you think of his/her work?
  • Was he/she honest?
  • Why did he/she leave your company?
  • Would you rehire this person?
  • Do you have any additional comments?


Stated Work Experience

Even if an applicant provides you with an accurate accounting of his or her work experience, it should portray a complete picture of his or her competency.  Experience is an intangible commodity.  It’s important in an interview to determine how the applicant’s work experience qualifies the person for the position.

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