You can use technology very effectively to run your pub, depending on your budget. Our rule of thumb is never to employ more technology than you will actually find time to monitor.

So for instance, if you are going to invest in software and hardware to measure the exact yield from each keg of beer, understand whether this is going to be critical information during your opening phase or whether it’s something you would like to look at in six months. Our advice would be to invest in the basic technology but set it up so that you have the option to add functionality over time.

So what technologies are you going to be looking at to help you run your Irish Pub more effectively? Here’s a fairly comprehensive list:

  1. Point-of-Sale System
  2. Closed Circuit TV System
  3. Music and Audio-Visual Systems
  4. Draft & Liquor Control Systems
  5. Lighting & Heating Control Systems
  6. Security and Alarm Systems
  7. Back Office Accounting

When you are planning your pub, you’ll have many offers of help from vendors who say they have the essential technology, system or software that you can’t do without. Fact is, pubs and restaurants were run quite efficiently on basic systems before all the technology arrived and though these new technologies can be very helpful if used correctly, you only need what you can learn to use in the initial stages of opening. But any technology that will speed up service, deter theft, prevent you getting sued or allow you to ‘set it and forget it’ is probably something you should seriously give thought to investing in.

On the following pages, we’ll try to guide you through those systems and what elements of them you should probably consider.

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Irish pubs still live up to their “Publican” roots. It gives people a place to meet, socialize and converse.
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Fun Facts

47.4% of Irish Pubs have an Average Check Spend of more than $21 while 42.1% of Irish Pubs
have an average beverage check spend of more than $11. Both of these numbers significantly out-perform industry averages.

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