The Name

Your branding starts with the naming of the pub and it is a process that will stir up strong opinions from everyone involved. Where possible, the naming should only be carried out after the concept design or renderings are available.

The name of an Irish Pub should reflect the design and style of the Irish Pub.  Irish Pubs that incorporate more than one theme or style can utilise the most appropriate style of name.

  1. The name cannot be too ‘jokey’
  2. The name must be easily pronounceable
  3. It should ‘diminutize’ easily without losing ‘Irishness’

The four most important considerations for naming your Irish Pub are:

  1. That consumers can intuitively interpret what the name of the pub represents; that this is NOT A TAVERN but a high quality, authentic Irish Pub serving excellent food in a very warm and fun atmosphere. (Naming the pub The Emerald Shamrock will kill any perception of quality)
  2. That the name over the door reflects the decor within the pub.
  3. That the name reflects the high quality of the offering without reducing the informal fun element
  4. That the name is distinctly and memorably Irish without use of words such as ‘green’, ‘shamrock’, ‘leprechaun’, ‘pot o’ gold’ etc.


Types of Names

The five most recognisable categories of names for Irish Pubs areas follows:

1. Gaelic Language Names

Names such as Tigin, Fado, Tir Na Nog, Slainte.Gaelic names can be unique and promote interest but can also be hard to pronounce and understand, and sometimes rely on a regular clientele to really ‘learn’ then ‘understand’ the name. The North American market may not necessarily associate Gaelic names with an Irish Pub.

2. Irish Place Names

Names such as the Auld Dubliner, County Clare, Bunratty Castle, The Limerick, The Kells. These names are most appropriate when a high proportion of customers, often Irish, understand where the place name is from, and the significance of the place name.

 3. Humorous Names

Names such as Scruffy Murphy’s, Delaney’s Donkey, The Galway Hooker.  While amusing, these names can convey a standard .

4. Family Names

Names such as O’Byrne’s, Dillon’s, McGuinness, Fitzpatrick’s, O’Brien’s, O’Donoghue’s, John Power’s, Lynch’s, O’Brien’s. Most pubs in Ireland derive their name from the owner and it is important to ensure that the name is very clearly understood as Irish to the North American consumer.

5. Literary Names

Names such as O’Casey’s Kavanagh’s, Yeats’, Keane’s, Callaghan’s, Behan’s, Joyce’s, Oliver St.John Gogarty, Russell’s, Synge’s, Shaw’s, Donovan’s.  Often names of famous writers and poets, these names are particularly appropriate in Victorian/Library themes. However, North American consumers may not always appreciate or understand the high quality message in this type of name, or indeed may not associate it with Ireland

An appendix at the bottom of this page will give you some suggestions for names for your pubs.

Developing a Brand Logo

As soon as you name your pub, you should engage a graphic design company to help design your logo. Your logo will usually be a graphic or enhanced rendition of your pub’s name suitable for replication across your façade, menus, business cards, website, social media, merchandise, mirrors, tile and multiple other items.

If possible try to find a graphic design company that has done this type of work for restaurants, or ideally Irish Pubs, in the past. Some things you should bear in mind as you give a design brief to a graphic artist:

  • Intricate logos created for large items (menus, windows, shopfront) may lose their definition when reduced in size for uniforms or business cards
  • Logos should correctly reflect the premium offering of the pub. Having leprechauns, shamrocks or pots o’ gold attached to the logo will not help you promote your business properly.
  • Logos created in dark colors may not stand out if embroidered into dark uniforms
  • Logos that look like extracts from the Book of Kells (heavily ornate Gaelic) are difficult to read and, despite their provenance, can quickly look very dated.

When you have received some sample ideas for logs, look at them in the context of all the items you are going to be logoing. These include the following:

  • Uniforms
  • Menus
  • Business Cards
  • Website and social media
  • Merchandise
  • Coasters
  • Window decals

Marketing Your Pub

Much of the marketing for your pub will be targeted through the use of social media and there is a separate page on this site devoted to advice on how to use that media efficiently. The following information is intended to give you some strong guidelines on what you are marketing and why certain types of marketing will work well for you.

In the next few paragraphs we talk to you about the following:

  1. Some Golden Rules For Marketing Your Pub
  2. Market Definition
  3. Creating a Marketing Plan
  4. Public Relations and Publicity
  5. The Marketing Budget
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People will travel for an Irish Pub. We have people who drive distances more than an hour away to visit our pub.
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Pub Facts

The Irish Pub Concept came about inn 1992 as the result of an initiative by Guinness Brewing Worldwide, who had watched the great growth of Irish Pubs in Europe during the late 1980's and 1990's.

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