Why would we give you professional advice…totally free?

There is no catch, here’s how it works. Most people opening pubs and restaurants make their mistakes early on and by the time they realize they have made mistakes that can put the business at risk, it’s often too late to turn back. We want to make sure that your idea and plan is built on a solid platform and that it has a realistic prospect of success. If it is not, we’ll tell you immediately and we will not pull any punches. It is not in our interest to help develop pubs that fail, so in many cases we may advise you that a pub is not a good investment for your particular circumstances.

The first step to take is to read through this website carefully. There’s plenty of free stuff to read and yes, there is premium content for which we charge a one-time only annual fee of $39.95 to cover upkeep on the site. This allows access for a full year and we highly recommend you take up membership. It also gives you access to download our Insider’s Guide to Opening an Irish Pub, a 25-page guide that sets out in detail how to develop your pub from scratch. After you’ve had a chance to absorb all that information, you can decide whether a conversation with us might be a logical next step. The good news is that this step is totally free, we are happy to make sure you have your thoughts straight and that you have a measured, thoughtful approach.

If we get to a point where you feel more informed and confident about moving forward, and we’ve agreed that the pub is a viable opportunity, we will offer to provide you with a commercial consulting service that helps you take your pub from the planning stage through to opening in the most efficient, economical and successful way.

What are the First Steps Toward Developing My Pub

Your first steps will be as follows:

  1. Consult with an Irish Pub Concept expert who will point you in the right direction
  2. Research real estate in your area and start to identify suitable locations for the pub
  3. Research the local restaurant scene and understand how they are doing
  4. Create a comprehensive business plan and financial estimate that is adaptable for different locations
  5. Identify the cost of renovation and assess how much money you will need to get it done
  6. Identify the site you want and start negotiating with the landlord

Owner Insights
Here at our pub we have a wide range of demographics. As a restaurant we experience everything from families with children, teenagers, couples of all ages, groups of friends of all ages, and elderly.
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Pub Facts

47.4% of Irish Pubs have an Average Check Spend of more than $52 while 42.1% of Irish Pubs
have an average beverage check spend of more than $13. Both of these numbers significantly out-perform industry averages.