We're a small group of people who work on developing great pubs every day of our lives.

We are a collective of people who have excellent insights into how a great, authentic Pub is created and operated. Our pooled knowledge comes from over twenty-five years of developing Pubs across North America and Western Europe. Some of us are designers, some are contractors and mill-workers,  some are operational consultants or project managers, others specialize in food-service equipment supply or human resource.

It’s a one-stop shop for anyone thinking about opening a Pub. This website was originally started by Guinness back in 1999 with most of us as employees or vendors to the Irish Pub Concept project. When Guinness  became Diageo in 2002, we were asked by Diageo to take on the site and run it as our own. So, with their blessing, we did, and 17 years later we’re still going strong.

If you are thinking or dreaming about opening a pub (maybe a bit fancier than this one) what we offer you in this website is a lot of practical information that we think will help your thought processes. For the premium content we ask for a one-time fee of $39.95 which gives you 12 months access and which goes toward the maintenance and upkeep of the site. Included in this is our  Insider’s Guide to Opening an Irish Pub, a must-read for anyone thinking about opening a pub.

Owner Insights
Keeping my alcohol sales comparable to my food sales will always give me a profitability edge.
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Pub Facts

As a result of the Guinness Irish Pub Concept initiative, approximately 8,500 pubs have been opened in 152 countries throughout the world and continue to grow at a healthy rate in all markets.