We can make available a list of approved Irish Pub Design & Build companies who have partnered with the Irish Pub Concept for the past 25 years. These companies have between them completed thousands of Irish Pubs throughout the world. All of them have offices in North America and Europe so your needs will be taken care of no matter where you are locating your Irish Pub. When choosing a design & build company, please ensure they are on our list of approved partners.

For the list of design & build partners, along with a recommendation for what you should be looking for from these companies, please email info@irishpubconcept.com

Owner Insights
Here at our pub we have a wide range of demographics. As a restaurant we experience everything from families with children, teenagers, couples of all ages, groups of friends of all ages, and elderly.
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Pub Facts

The Irish Pub Concept came about inn 1992 as the result of an initiative by Guinness Brewing Worldwide, who had watched the great growth of Irish Pubs in Europe during the late 1980's and 1990's.