Understanding accountabilities and division of labor is very important and key to an on-time, on-budget project. Under normal circumstances, the following will apply:

Contractor Division of Labor

The division of labour shall be divided between two contractors: Owners GC (GC) and the Pub Design Company (PDC)

BOH: Back of House/FOH: Front of House

1. The scope of work for GC includes but is not limited to, the general construction for the “structure” and infrastructure of the proposed Irish Pub specifically the following:

  • Demolition of existing space
  • Walls and Ceilings: GC shall prepare, prime and paint walls and ceilings per color specs provided by PDC prior to PDC installation of finished millwork items.
  • Flooring: GC to provide and install all wood flooring, ceramic tile, quarry tile as outlined in the finish plans for FOH provide by PDC and BOH by client architect. GC shall be responsible for covering finished hardwood flooring once it has been installed.
  • Lighting: GC shall install all lighting fixtures including those supplied by PDC (these fixtures will be clearly indicated on PDC lighting drawings). BOH lighting design by client arch and FOH lighting location to be provided on PDC lighting plan.
  • GC shall purchase and install firebox as specified by PDC
  • All stone or brick work specified by PDC to be supplied and installed by GC.
  • GC shall be responsible for painting the exterior storefront after installation.
  • GC shall be responsible for providing panic door hardware as specified by client architect.
  • GC shall provide blocking where necessary for PDC millwork items as specified by PDC.
  • GC shall coordinate between AV/POS/Beer Co/all trades etc and PDC.
  • GC shall provide a construction schedule timeline to all parties.
  • Coordination for deliveries and work schedules with PDC.
  • GC is responsible for all trade permits, inspections and final C of O.
  • GC shall provide adequate dumpster facilities during PDC installation.
  • Temporary Construction barricade if required.
  • All wall construction, insulation, caulsking and fireproofing.
  • Complete Kitchen Finishes, office, store room and bathroom finishes i.e. all BOH of house finishes specified by Client Architect are by GC.
  • All mechanical Electrical and plumbing as shown on PDC and arch drawings

2. Owner shall be responsible for locksets to all doors.

Owner Insights
Here at our pub we have a wide range of demographics. As a restaurant we experience everything from families with children, teenagers, couples of all ages, groups of friends of all ages, and elderly.
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Pub Facts

Casual-dining restaurants usually require significant local populations to survive and thrive. Because of the frequency of consumer visits to an Irish Pub, they can thrive in populations of less than 15,000.