Authentic Irish Décor

The authentic exterior and interior design of the pub is paramount in ensuring success. Bad replicas, or poorly-executed design are a precursor for poor financial performance. Consumers want the real thing and understand when they were getting less.

Our Vendors Page on this site will direct you to our partner consultants and designers whose core expertise is delivering well-designed and successful pubs.

Authentic Irish Food

Providing genuinely home-cooked food with locally sourced ingredients is vitally important, as well as integrating the menu with local or regional tastes. Consumers want to try authentic Irish dishes, reflective of Ireland’s place in the world as a leader in farm to table cuisine.

Authentic Irish & Craft Beverages

Offering premium import Irish beers along with local crafts and microbrews is core to the success of the concept. However, great attention should be paid to having an extensive list of Irish and Scotch whiskies along with a well-considered wine list, by bottle and glass.

Authentic Irish Music

Doesn’t always have to be traditional Irish music, but carefully choosing your playlists so that traditional Irish music is regularly played along with other suitable music is very important. If you are going to have live music, vet the bands beforehand….a bad band can hurt your business. See if there are local musicians who want to jam on a Sunday afternoon.

Key Employees

Where possible, employing Irish people in key positions, especially in the opening period, helps to promote an authentic pub culture. Having all employees understand the warmth, informality and conviviality of Irish Pubs is critically important.

Engaged Management & Ownership

Having management or ownership that was intimately engaged with the business on a day to day basis was vital. Absentee ownership always led to poor standards of operation and therefore poor financial performance.

Excellent Operational Controls & Processes

Have controls and processes in place that give you daily oversight into your business, insight into your guests and independent performance assessment.

Owner Insights
A busy employee is a happy employee. If that busy employee is a server or bartender, they’re also very highly rewarded in tips.
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Pub Facts

Most restaurant businesses have a food to beverage ratio of 75% to 25%. In Irish Pubs the ratio is usually closer to 50%/50%, making them significantly more profitable as a result of lower labor and product costs.