Authentic Irish Décor

The authentic exterior and interior design of the pub is paramount in ensuring success. Bad replicas, or poorly-executed design are a precursor for poor financial performance. Consumers want the real thing and understand when they were getting less.

Our Vendors Page on this site will direct you to our partner consultants and designers whose core expertise is delivering well-designed and successful pubs.

Authentic Irish Food

Providing genuinely home-cooked food with locally sourced ingredients is vitally important, as well as integrating the menu with local or regional tastes. Consumers want to taste authentic Irish food, not local variants of Irish recipes.

Authentic Irish Beverages

Offering premium import Irish beers and spirits, and particularly offering fresh, perfectly-poured Guinness Stout is critical. Consumers find the mystique of Guinness attractive and aspirational and they also appreciate the ceremony around the pouring of the beer

Authentic Irish Music

Always having a good mix of traditional and contemporary Irish Music playing on the sound-system, with live bands on stage at specific times of the week to drive a younger late-night demographic

Irish-Led Employees

Where possible, employing Irish people in key positions, especially in the opening period, helps to promote an authentic pub culture. Having employees understand the warmth, informality and conviviality of Irish Pubs is critically important. Employees do not have to be Irish, but the owners and management, with good training, can lead them to understand and appreciate Irish traditions and behaviors.

Engaged Management & Ownership

Having management or ownership that was intimately engaged with the business on a day to day basis was vital. Absentee ownership always led to poor standards of operation and therefore poor financial performance
Following the research, it was decided to put advisory teams with specific skill sets in place across Europe to assist investors and operators in opening authentic, successful Irish Pubs. In addition, vendors who could contribute to the program were reviewed and approved. These included Design & Build companies who understood the complexity of authentic Irish Pub design. Some of the original Design & Build vendors continue to provide these services and can be found on our vendor’s page.

At no point in the initiative was there any material contribution from Guinness Brewing Worldwide to investors other than the advisory service and some limited point-of-sale material. The program was understood by all involved to be a professional route-map for opening a successful food and beverage operation. As a direct or indirect result of the program, investors and operators opened approximately 2,000 pubs across Europe between 1992 and 1999

In 1998, the program, now known as the Guinness Irish Pub Concept or GIPC, was initiated in the United States and Canada. It followed a very similar route to the European experience, providing advice and resource to investors interested in opening successful authentic Irish Pubs. At present, it is estimated that approximately 800 pubs have been opened as a direct or indirect result of the initiative.

Owner Insights
A busy employee is a happy employee. If that busy employee is a server or bartender, they’re also very highly rewarded in tips.
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Fun Facts

47.4% of Irish Pubs have an Average Check Spend of more than $21 while 42.1% of Irish Pubs
have an average beverage check spend of more than $11. Both of these numbers significantly out-perform industry averages.

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